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Welcome to the BIC Dealer Information Section. If you have any questions about information found within this section, please call or email us.

BIC 2015 Product Price List (updated 12/14) see note below

BIC Warranty Information (updated 4/09)

BIC Purchase Order (updated 9/12)

There is a NEW password for the 2015 Price Pages updated 12/14. Please email or contact BIC if you are a CASE dealer and would like access or have any questions.

sales@burlinst.com or 316-943-2515 (available to CASE CE dealers only).

You will be asked for your contact information for registration purposes.

Why Buy BIC Auxiliary Hydraulic Kits

The staff at BIC knows CASE equipment.  In fact, 8 current BIC employees formerly worked at CASE and accumulated over 184 years of experience while there.

1.  Customer Service:  We Know that “time is money” and pride ourselves in answering your questions and providing immediate service.  Beyond our knowledgeable sales staff, we have 5 engineers available to provide technical assistance for your sales success.

2.  Experience:  BIC has 20 years of experience providing custom designed auxiliary hydraulic kits for CASE Backhoes.  Our proven technology and custom engineered kits provide the customer with the most versatile machine on the market today.

3.  Customization:  BIC auxiliary hydraulic kits are offered in a variety of configurations to meet any custom applications.  If you have any special applications needs, from hydraulics and guards to lights or anti-theft systems, just give us a call. We have the knowledge and ability to assist you.

4.  Ease of operation:  BIC auxiliary hydraulic kits provide a separate circuit to allow the operator to relieve the pressure at the quick disconnects.  This feature insures easy changing of attachments

5.  Adjustable Flow Control:  Since 1992, BIC auxiliary hydraulic kits have provided adjustable flow control as standard equipment.  The wide range of available flow settings improves the versatility of the machine.  Operate a multitude of attachments, from low-flow hand held attachments to hammers, all with one kit.


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