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The BIC Super High Flow auxiliary kit is designed for the Case 450, 465 and 450CT skid steer loaders.  This high performance kit is specifically designed for applications such as cold planers, snow blowers, and brush shredders.  The kit provides dual direction flow with 34 gpm in the forward direction and 16 gpm in the reverse direction at 4500 psi.  Its unique design allows 34 gpm to be supplied to the attachment on a “priority” basis without being interrupted by loader or bucket functions.  A separate 8 gpm@3000 psi is supplied to the loader valve and standard auxiliary hydraulic system when the high flow kit is engaged.  The 24 gpm@3000 psi is available to the standard auxiliary quick couplers when the high flow is turned off.

Important note to the dealer, a low flow machine should be ordered with the following options:
4G – Left Handle for Auxiliary Hydraulics and Right Handle for Auxiliary Front Electrics
10 DC- Case Drain
10 FE – Auxilary Front Electrics

We do not recommend ordering 10 EH or 10 EL (electric auxiliary hydraulic controls).
There is no need to order 10 HH (Case High Flow) or the Case second auxiliary kit (87444978 or 87444979). These would have to be removed and would result in additional charges.

With the Super High Flow kit you will basically order a standard flow machine.  After the kit is installed you will have a true 5 line machine with 2 high flow lines, a case drain, and 2 standard auxiliary lines. 

Please contact the BIC applications group with any questions before ordering at 316-943-2515.

Please fax purchase orders to Jackie Muzzy at 316-943-4448.



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